Mango Sticky Rice (Vegan)

My interpretation of the traditionally vegan Thai dessert: mango sticky rice. Simplified as much as possible! Perfect for a hot, lazy summer’s day. I love this dessert because it’s such an ingenious use of simple ingredients and techniques. The sticky… Read More »Mango Sticky Rice (Vegan)

Vegan Mochi Ice Cream

What better way to cool off from the summer heat than to have these soft, pillowy ice cream delivery packages? Upgrade your store-bought (or in my case, home-made) dairy-free ice cream by enveloping it in mochi. Although mochi ice cream… Read More »Vegan Mochi Ice Cream

Matcha Yuzu Cup

A simple, no-bake, healthy yet indulgent vegan dessert. The ultimate mash-up of my two favorite Asian flavors: matcha and yuzu. No-bake matcha white chocolate cups with a hint of yuzu. I love eating healthy, frosty little tarts/cups like these —… Read More »Matcha Yuzu Cup