I am from Taipei, Taiwan and currently an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. As a professionally-trained cook, food photographer, and restaurant reviewer, I’m in love with all things food and constantly on the lookout for new flavors. I started Chez Jorge as a portal to not only connect people through food and take pride in heritage, but also continually challenge myself to improve and innovate. Thank you for visiting my website, and remember: keep loving, keep exploring. 

About chez jorge

Chez is a French word that means “at the home of (someone).” I created Chez Jorge with the mission to teach more people how to cook in a way that would make anyone feel at home, and most importantly, doing so in a cruelty-free, sustainable fashion.

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Why Plant-based? Given that my culinary education involved mostly animal products, many people asked me this. I believe that Plant-based food is the future. Animal agriculture, while rather optimized today, remains inhumane and unsustainable.

People will eventually have to eat more plants, whether they like it or not. But if more chefs utilize their expertise to create plant-based versions of traditional animal recipes and favorites, we could redefine what it means to eat plant-based.